Supernova Rogue 8.5″ LED Driving Lights (Pair)

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Unmatched Volume, Unparalleled Build Quality.

Our popular, compact 6″ Quad light swiftly became iconic for its maximum light output and robust build quality, yet desire grew for a full sized, unrestricted variant. Born with the same DNA, the wheel didn’t need to be reinvented, but it has been turned up to eleven with 5W U.S.A CREE LEDs and distinctive daytime running lights. Zero dead spot output pattern is achieved with 36 high output  5W CREE LEDs consisting of 16x 5º hyper spot and 16x wide spread, highly polished reflectors. 

Dialled Up, Dialled in Efficiency. With many exaggerated power ratings and lumen outputs we are often asked; what is the input power? To that we ask, is the output power rating the defining measurement of output performance? Efficiency bottle necks in the weakest link.  Think LED driver efficiency, LED chip efficiency,  optical reflection coefficient, lens transparency, thermal management. Genuine branded components safeguard diminished light output.

  • 95% efficient Boost LED Driver
  • 4 stage thermal management + oversized heat sinks
  • High bin rate CREE 5W XTE LEDs
  • Chemically polished reflectors
  • 3mm General Electrics Lexan Lens  – Over 200x impact resistance of glass, superior light transmittance.


Rugged Never Looked Better

  • Over, under and reverse current protection.
  • GE Lexan Lens – Non fading, virtually indestructible
  • 100% electromagnetic (EMC) and radio frequency interference (RFI) protected
  • IP69K 3200psi hot water jetting sealed and certified.
  • Gore breather valve – pressure equalisation, anti fogging.
  • Boost LED driver wide range 11-30V DC input.
  • Dupont high UV and abrasion resistive paint.
  • 316 Marine stainless steel bracket and fasteners.

Lifetime Warranty

Over cracking, yellow fading lenses? Black anodised lights turning grey? Rogues maintain their look for years to come no matter the conditions. An Aussie backed life time warranty provides peace of mind, no matter the usage. This is only achievable with use of premium tier components and manufacturing techniques. Every detail has been accounted for and further exceeded. The virtually indestructible GE Lexan lens guarantees no discolouring or cracking after years of sun abuse, likewise the DuPont paint maintains a deep black finish for years to come.


IP69K  Waterproof Rating – Superfluity 

We set out to offer a driving light which is virtually impenetrable. The first step was replacing silicone glue sealing to a custom O- Ring seal. Silicone sealing offers initial protection, throw in dust, heat and pressure washing and over time they are susceptible to dry rot, cracking, shrinking and becoming static. Our solid O – Ring design utilises a polymer which flexes during heat variations and pressure changes whilst being firmly compressed into place with a 12 bolted front plate to maintain constant tension.The end result;  Surpassing standard IP69K rating of 1450PSI water jetting with a staggering 3200PSI at 80ºC.


Wiring Harness + Anti Theft Bolts Included

Our fast fit dual output harness stream lines install. Integrating directly with positive and negatively switched headlights out of the box. Aiding in theft prevention, stainless steel security bolts are utilised through out as standard. Security Torx tool included.




  • Side Day Time Running LEDs
  • IP69K Waterproof
  • Shatterproof GEs Lexan Lens*
  • Stainless steel fasteners and bracket (included)
  • Deutsch connector plug (4pin, Light power + DRL power)
  • DuPont non-fading midnight black finish
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Combination Spot/Flood driving beam pattern
  • Boost LED driver
  • Anti theft bolts and tools included

Please note: Whilst DRL brightness has been increased, the output has some restriction to ensure glare at night time is not excessive. Customer feedback showed many users wired the DRLs in conjunction to the parker lights which are switched on with low beam headlights on most cars at night.


What's Included


  • 8.5″ Rogue Driving Lights (2)
  • Fast Fit Dual Wiring Harnesss (1)
  • Security Torx Mounting Bolts with Tools

Please note: The Deutsch connector features 4 wires (2 for main beam, 2 for DRL), the DRL wires can be connected to an auxiliary power source on your vehicle for day time functionality.


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