Quad V2 LED Driving Lights – Pair

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Updated Model, 28% Brighter.

Compact, Efficient, Near Indestructible

Quad V2 LED Driving Lights provide an all in one combination beam pattern. Offering superior beam distance and spread, all from a 6″ compact housing. Delivering over 600m of light @1lux and over 1000m @ 0.25 lux.

The Supernova Quads are becoming a  popular option, matching or exceeding the output of many full size LED spotlights on the market. Rigged with the same componetry as our 8.5″ Driving lights, the minimal form factor suits many new style bull-bars where full size driving lights are not applicable.

Offering a rigid and near indestrutible build quality, the Quad V2 Driving lights feature our lifetime warranty guarantee. Utilising 316L Stainless steel fasteners and brackets, IP69K waterproof rating and GE Lexan lens, how do we we provide a zero compromise driving light at such a low price? The answer is simple, No middle men. Working direct with the manufactures that also provide to large name Australian light retailers, we cut out trading companies, importers, distributors and wholesalers. Our increased volume only allows for better quality, updates and focus to provide the latest and best tech. A win-win for everyone but the middle men.

Compact, Versatile, IP69K

Lifetime Warranty

Unrivalled, Unparalleled Build Quality

Designed without limitation, no corners are cut and only the best materials utilised. The end result stands bravely against new quad light imitations.



  • IP69K
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Boost LED Driver
  • Deutsch waterproof connector
  • Pure white 5650K colour temperature

Going Calmly Into The Storm.

Executing precision with confidence in torturous conditions. Utilised and dependant upon by emergency services, these Quad lights are not for the faint of heart.

The Perfect Recipe.

Power is nothing without efficiency, and we argue that at this brightness an efficient output pattern is more important than total light output.
We found most combination patterns waste flood light projecting to the sky and immediate ground whilst having a vague centred circular spot.   Our  system utilises Eight flood elliptical reflectors with vertical incidences to provide a horizontally focused flood and our Twelve tightly pitched spot reflectors provide seamlessly integrated centre spot with horizontal spread.




Lens GE Lexan
Waterproof Rating IP69K
Input DC 10-30V
Finish Black Powder Coat UV Resistant Paint
Housing 6063 Heavy-Duty Die Cast Aluminum Housing
Bracket + Bolts Marine Grade Stainless Steel 316L
Breather Valve Gore Protective Vent
Size Width 187mm, Height 156mm, Depth 77mm
Weight 1.84 KG Each
1 Lux Distance 600m
Lumens 9600 Each
Power 5.3A @ 13.6V
Warranty Lifetime

What's Included

  • 2pcs Oslon Quad 6″ LED Driving Lights
  • Anti Theft Security Bolts with Security Torx Tools
  • Dual Fast Fit Wiring Harness – With High Beam Integration ( H4 and Hb3 Socket)


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